Membership reminder

02 February 2015
There are still about forty BRC cyclists who havenít renewed their memberships and licences for the 2015 season. This should now be attended to urgently as the old licences expired on 31st December 2014.
The registration fees for 2015 are as follows:
Leisure Cycling membership (non- racing) £48. Club competition licence £73. Full competition licence for adults £126. Full competition licence for youth under 14 (born 2001, 2002) £10. Full competition for youth under 16 (born 1999 or 2000) £34. Full competition licence for juniors (born 1997 or 1998) £46. Associate membership £15.
(Parental consent forms are required for all junior and youth members. Youth members must be at least 13 years old)
You may also apply for your 2015 Cycling Ireland licence on-line at 
Any cyclist who takes part in the clubís weekend touring or training rides is expected to join the club so as to benefit from Cycling Irelandís third party insurance cover.
The main benefits of membership include 24 hours a day 7 days a week Public Liability Insurance cover of up to 13 million Euro. There is also personal accident cover and legal cover in the event of a disputed claim having to go to court. (Please refer to Cycling Ireland for exact details)