BRC Registration

04 January 2015
Ballymena Road Club has so far registered forty five members following the on-going CI website applications and at their first signing on evening held last Monday evening.
Bearing in mind Cycling Ulster’s policy regarding participation in all "group cycling activities” it is very important that anyone who is currently taking part in the weekend Ballymena R C club runs has their 2015 membership applied for.
Those needing assistance to renew their memberships and licences should note that another registration meeting will be held on Monday 12th January. (7.15pm until 8.30pm)
This January meeting is mainly aimed at newcomers to the club and at those unfamiliar with internet use, similarly those wishing to take part in the early season reliability trials and open road races need to sign up ASAP.
All existing members should also note that their insurance expired on 31st December and they too should register as early as possible. Existing members should note that Cycling Ireland require them to complete their renewal applications on line at the CI website.
In the past the road club has facilitated registration at the club rooms throughout January and February. Please note that this will not be the case this year as it is hoped that the meetings of 5th and 12th January will suffice. So if you need help to register then please make sure to attend next Monday evening.

Cycling Ireland membership.                                                    
The main benefits of membership include 24 hours a day 7 days a week Public Liability Insurance cover of up to 12 million Euro. There is also personal accident cover up to 2,500 Euro and legal cover in the event of a disputed claim having to go to court. (Please refer to Cycling Ireland for exact details)
There are a number of different types of Cycling Ireland memberships to pick from. 
These are: 
A non-competition licence (also known as a leisure licence) covers you while you are out training, on club spins, and while participating in leisure tours. The fee, which includes Ballymena Road Club’s membership, is £48. 
A limited competition licence allows you to compete in all domestic competition except open road races. It replaces the "Restricted” licence and also covers club competition. This licence costs £73.
 Full competition licence. This licence costs £126 and qualifies you for racing in any discipline in Ireland. If you want to race overseas you can get overseas authorisation for an extra £17. 
Full competition licences are also available to riders in the under 14 and under 16 age categories. For riders in the U14 categories, the cost is £10 and for riders in the U16 category, the cost is £34.                                                                                                          The Junior category (full racing licence) fee is £46. 

BRC treasurer Richard Wilson asks club members, who aren’t availing of the "on-line” system, to pay by cheque which should be made out to Ballymena Road Club. 
Cyclists who join the club’s weekend club runs as guests from other local clubs, and whom, I hasten to add, are very welcome, must also have registered with their own clubs by now.