Ballymena Road Club Kit Orders & Prices

13 October 2014
Any member wanting winter kit or for the start of 2015 season please get your order and deposit to Clifford Grant before Friday 17 Oct 2014 


Update: The deadline for club kit orders using Bioracer has been extended to Fri 17 Oct to give people more time to submit their orders. Any variation of supplier can be discussed at the AGM or further meetings. Please contact Clifford as soon as possible to make you orders and pay any deposit

Here are some prices including VAT.
Airtex s/s £50.04
Race Proven Team s/s £61.80
Tempest 'Gabba' as shown £74.76
Isolation Long Sleeve £51.72
Winter (3 pocket or Zip) £93.24
Gilet Gamex Net Back £56.76
Bib Shorts Lycra Flatlock £58.56
Race Proven Caro F/L £76.56
Race Proven Siro 2.0 F/L £79.32
Skinsuit Lycra s/s F/L £96.48
Skinsuit Lycra l/s F/L £103.08
Skinsuit Caro l/s F/L £105.48
Aerosuit 2.0 (Tony Martin) £146.28