Notice for all helpers for Bill Kerr Sportive

Sunday, July 27, 2014
A planning meeting is arranged for Mon 11 Aug at 7.30pm in the club house to make final arrangements for the Bill Kerr Sportive. All volunteers already contacted are encouraged to attend. 
The following will be discussed:
  • Marshalling procedures
  • Distribution of food and drinks at the feed stations 
  • Sign on procedures for the Friday night (15 Aug) and Saturday (16 Aug) morning
  • Placement of signage
  • Broom wagon
  • First aid
  • Marquee handling
While we encourage as many club members to cycle the event, if there are members who are not able to ride, their help with any of the above tasks would be appreciated.

We plan to have riders leaving the ECOS centre in groups of 40 and we would like a number of club members to be group leaders especially those who rode the sportive routes recently