Youths' 2.5 miles time trial

04 May 2014
Monday night’s BRC youth section 2.5 miles time trial took place on the Michelin to Ecos roundabout course. There were just 5 entrants as some of the youth members are currently studying for exams or are injured, but hopefully the numbers will rise in the near future. Quickest was visiting rider Shaun Byrne of Bann Valley RC with a time of 5 minutes 33seconds he was followed by his brother Fergus in 5.59. BRC's Brendan McCavana was third with 6.05(4) Eoin Mellon BVRC 6.55(5) Joel McCavana BRC in 7.10
Thanks to Joan McCullough for doing time keeper and to Bobby Currie for doing roundabout observer on the night.