Fun tour 13

04 December 2013
The thirteenth and final ride in this year’s fun tour series took place on Saturday morning. The weather was once again very favourable with a turnout of 62 riders.
The 24 riders in the touring section group, who have been going a bit further this season, completed a 45 miles ride to Cullybackey, Craigs, Duneany, Rosnashane, Bendooragh, Agivey, Drumiel, Kilrea and Portglenone and, just for a change, up Tully.
The 12 rider "B” group had a coastal ride taking in Carnlough and the coast road to Waterfoot and back up Glenariff, approx. 50 miles.
The "A” group headed to Ballymoney, Seacon and Bushmills, returning by Ballymoney and Cullybackey. They did a total of 66 miles at a brisk 19.3mph average.
This year’s series attracted a total participation of 725 over the 13 weeks (average 56 per week) during which 125 different cyclists completed at least one tour.
By comparison the 2012 fun tour series, which seemed to have dry weather every week, had been the most successful ever held with a record total turnout of 779 cyclists over the 13 weeks, an average of 60 per week.
This year five riders achieved full attendance, they are Francis O’Kane, Paddy Mooney, Patsy McGurk, John Elliott and, of course, Rex Bonar who was in attendance every week to open up the car park and clubrooms.
There were 17 gold medallists who completed at least 11 tours: 27 silver medallists, who had at least 8 tours and 27 bronze for 5 tours.
One record which was beaten this year was the donations to the charity fund which reached a record total of £1026. This will be given to the Chernobyl Children’s appeal NI. (Last year’s record total was £1015) I understand that a few more donations will be received before the town hall presentation so the Charity fund is set to be even better. Many thanks to everyone who made a donation.
The full list of medallists reads:
Gold for eleven tours; Sammy Connor, Bobby Currie, Iris Grant, John McAllister and Martin Ruddy.
Gold with twelve tours; Tom Douds, Sean Elliott, Sammy Kerr, Pius McKernan, Beresford Millar, Trevor Thompson and Richard Wilson.
Gold for thirteen tours (full attendance) Rex Bonar, John Elliott, Patsy McGurk, Paddy Mooney and Francis O’Kane.
Silver for eight tours; Laura Blair, Siobhan Fisher, John Maxwell, Conor McAllister, Leo McAllister, Alice McClean, Owen McLaughlin, Danny O’Loan, David Rankin, Maria Shannon and Ryan Shaw.
Silver for nine tours; Hall Booth, Jim Burns, Michael Diamond, Derek Dougan, Ronnie Grant and Wilnor Worthington.
Silver for ten tours; Derek Agnew, Alan Blair, Christina Clarke, Stephen Dempsey, Clifford Grant, Jackie Knowles, Clive Morris, Alastair Petticrew, Lori Phillips and Andy Wills.
Bronze for five tours; Eileen Burns, Seamus Butler, Gordon Caldwell, Liz Carey, Donna Carroll, David Dougan, Claire Gillespie, William Loughridge, Shauna McAllister and Gary Worthington.
Bronze for six tours; Geoff Allen, Maurice Carruthers, Paul Jackson, Judy Mahon, Harold McKinney, Paul McWilliams, Millar Montgomery, Laurence O’Neill Gary Simms and Karl Taylor.
Bronze for seven tours; Adrian Archibald, Maura Bradley, Matthew Brennan, George Graham, Hazel Hughes, Mark Raine and Sean Wright.