26 November 2013
Renewal of members licences for 2014
Please pay club fees of £15 first
 Everyone will have to reset their password for the Cycling Ireland site if you wish to renew your licence on line
1. Go to the log in button top right on the Cycling Ireland web site-
2. Right hand screen for returning members  and click on the line in wee writing that says....1st time access to retrieve password
3.left hand screen enter your e mail address and request password
4. Cycling Ireland will e mail you a temporary password and click on the link in that e mail to reset password
If you are having difficulty and your e mail address is not recognised I can check which e mail address is stored on the CI site. I am aware that BRC members are still unable to access the new CI portal despite following the above instructions and correct e mail address. I have contacted CI to try to resolve this issue.
I can also renew your licence for you on line.