Ernie Mark 25mile Time Trial

30 July 2012

Ballymena Road Club – Chain Reaction Cycles – held their annual Ernie Mark Cup 25 miles time trial at Woodgreen last Wednesday evening.

Conditions were the best experienced this season to date with the warm, bright and sunny weather contributing to several personal best performances.

Junior rider Connor Young was riding his first 25 miles time trial in the Northstone sponsored club race series and he recorded a personal best 56 minutes 16 seconds for second place while Tommy Wilson was third fastest with 56.49.

Nigel Kernohan was fourth with another PB time of 59 minutes 30 seconds.

There were also personal best times for Claire Gillespie, Emma Smyth and Maeve Savage.

Everyone at Ballymena Road Club wishes Derek Dougan all the best for a speedy recovery following the injuries inflicted upon him on Wednesday night.

Other results (5) Adrian Kerr 59.49 (6) Martin Ruddy 61.29 (7) Claire Gillespie 65.43 (8) Emma Smyth 66.06 (9) Maeve Savage 67.08 (10) Sammy Kerr 67.20 (11) Bobby Currie 67.55 (12) David Kennedy 67.58 (13) John Maxwell 70.02 (14) Beresford Millar 72.08

Visitor’s results. Connor McAteer (Bann Valley) was fastest of the visitors in 55 minutes 18 seconds (2) David Heagney (East Tyrone) 55.46 (3) P Nugent (North Down) 57.08 (4) Jim McConnell (East Antrim) 57.11 (5) Heather Foley (Maryland) 57.57 (6) Martin Robb (Bann Valley) 58.12 (7) Amy Bryce (Phoenix) 59.09 (8) A Kennedy 60.49 (9) A Graham (Muckamore) 61.36

Handicap result (1) Maeve Savage 57.22 (2) Emma Smyth 58.19 (3) Claire Gillespie 58.23 (4) Nigel Kernohan 58.46 

Time trial handicap league.

This season’s time trial handicap league series is proving to be very competitive with only three points between the top two positions. Emma Smyth leads with 21 points while Nigel Kernohan is in second place with 19. Maeve Savage is third on 9.5 points. Ryan Shaw has 9 and Claire Gillespie is fifth on 7.5 points. The top six is completed by Jason Burns on seven points.