Nigel Wins Bonar Cup at Broughshane

16 July 2012

Ballymena Road Club – Chain Reaction Cycles- held their "postponed” Rex Bonar cup 25 miles road race at Broughshane last Monday evening.

The riders went off in three groups at the start and by the end of the second lap, of the five miles Lisnamurrcan circuit, groups one and two were together.


It was to stay this way until group two rider, Nigel Kernohan, made his move on the hill on the final lap and broke clear of the leading group.

He kept going and won by 25 seconds, in 1 hour 4 minutes 30 seconds. Nigel’s training partner Ryan Currie, who had started with the scratch group, came through late on the last lap to take second place with another scratch rider – Michael Carroll, who lives on the circuit, taking third.


Rex Bonar cup Lisnamurrican 02 July 2012

(1) Nigel Kernohan 1 Hour 4 minutes 30 seconds (2) Ryan Currie at 25 seconds (3) Michael Carroll ( BannValley)  (4) Ryan Shaw (5) Chris Beattie  (6) Matthew Brennan (7) Richard Reid (8) Quinton McFall (9) Alan Blair (10) Tommy Wilson (11) Clifford Grant (12) Adrian Kerr all at 25 seconds (13) Bobby Currie at1 min 49 Seconds (14) Emma Smyth  at 4 min 37 Seconds (15) Claire Gillespie (16) Maeve Savage (17) Stephen Smyth all at 4 minutes 37 Seconds.