Time Trials - ''No lighty - No Likey!''

03 May 2012
As most cycle clubs will have been aware of this for the past year or two we still find that the saftety issue is way down the list with some compeditors.
therefore I would like it be known to members that some new rules apply.
A light must be fitted and working.
The light must be visable from a hundred Yards. Checks will be made on this at the next meet and riders FAILING will be informed to change their equipment
as soon as possible.
Competitors with no light on the night will not recieve a time.

Also compeditors approaching the timers vehicle at the finnish will result in no time.
The timing results will be available at Grahams kitchens carpark.

We would be grateful for your coperation on these issues as the PSNI do monitor the trials and if we can be seen to be
doing our bit on saftey this valuable asset will be available to us all for the forseeable future.

On the night of the time trial I will be available to answer any questions, so please ask for me at the start.
if for some reason a cyclist has a problem or forgotten a light I do carry a spare,

Jim Burns....... Ballymena Road Club -Chain Reaction Cycles