Flyin' Ryan Wins AP.

30 April 2012
 Slaght/ Caddy 18 Mile Aussie Pursuit
A fierce, freezing cold wind reminiscent of Winter greeted competitors on the start line. The race was handicapped into 4 groups with 5minutes 30 seconds front to back. The prevailing wind made racing tough and most groups splintered in the first few miles. A  trio of riders, Ryan Currie, Tommy Wilson and Ryan Bankhead, mastered the conditions better than most and rode through everyone who started in front. Coming to the line, Ryan Currie had the freshest legs and took the sprint from his two breakaway compadres.
1    Ryan Currie                   
2    Tommy Wilson                                            
3    Ryan Bankhead                                          
4    Sammy Kerr                                                
5    Tom Douds                                               
6    John Shaw                                                  
7    Emma Smyth                                              
8    David Kennedy                                           
9    Stephen Smyth                                           
10  Martin Robb
11  Adrian Kerr                                                 
12  Richard Reid                                              
13  Claire Gillespie                                           
14  Karl Taylor                                                 
15  Stephen Carruthers                                   
16  Richard Wilson
17  Maurice Carruthers