AP Broughshane

16 April 2012
Broughshane Australian Pursuit Race Wednesday 11th April 2012

Ballymena Academy student Ryan Shaw, from Magheralane Road, was the winner of last Wednesday evening's 11 miles Australian Pursuit Race on the Sheddings Circuit at Broughshane. This was the opening event of the Road Club's "Northstone” series of club races and there was an encouraging turnout of 36 riders for the event.

Ryan, who joined the club after last year's fun tour series, was riding his first ever race and, as such, was set off in the front group. He sped off and left all those who had started with him and built up a solo lead and winning margin of 1 minute 17 seconds by the finish. Leslie Bamber (Michelin) took second and Adam McCullough third.

The youth race also went to a newcomer, again riding his first race, when George Graham completed the course in 32minutes 17 seconds, which was 4 minutes 17 seconds ahead of second placed Emma Gordon with Josh Barr third at 4.20.

(1) Ryan Shaw 28 minutes 06 seconds (2) Leslie Bamber (Michelin) at 1 minute 17 seconds (3) Adam McCullough (4) Emma Smyth (5) John Shaw (6) Sammy Kerr all at 1 minute 17 seconds (7) Conor Young at 1 minute 33 seconds (8) Ryan Bankhead (9) Ryan Currie (10) Matthew Brennan (11) Paul McWilliams (Michelin) (12) Andy Wills (13) Nigel Kernohan (14) Alan Blair (15) Tom Douds (16) Maeve Savage (17) Alan Donegan (Bann Valley) (18) Dermot Hughes (Phoenix) (19) Sam Campbell (Bann Valley) (20) David Kennedy (21) Seamus Butler (Michelin) (22) Quinton McFall (23) Adrian Dempsey (Michelin) (24) Stephen Smyth (25) Maurice Carruthers (26) John Maxwell (27) Claire Gillespie (28) Brian Geddis (29) Steven Carruthers (30) David Dougan all at 2 minutes 21 seconds (31) Martin Robb (Bann Valley) (32) Hazel Hughes (33) Louise Fullerton (34) Sean Wright.

Youth race (1) George Graham 32 minutes 17 seconds (2) Emma Gordon at 4 minutes 17 seconds (3) Josh Barr at 4 minutes 20 seconds.
The above result is Provisional and will be confirmed later.