Message from CRC.

19 March 2012
Dear All
CRC have been approached by Neil Rutledge who is organising a charity cycle in aid of Parkinsons UK this summer following the death of his father in 2011.
As a CRC supported club we felt it would be nice if there was any way you could support this event. Maybe your club could ride with the two guys for a while, offer them a rest stop somewhere or even assist with raising a few quid for their worthy cause?
 Contact details are below along with further details.


Tim Langford and Chris Peel will ride 400 miles around Northern Ireland and through County Monaghan in memory of Tim’s father-in-law, Jim Rutledge, who died just before Christmas.


Jim had suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for 10 years and the money raised will go to support Parkinson’s UK.


The ride will include 15 categorised climbs – 1 category 3, 3 category 4 and 11 category 5 – quite a challenge for 2 lads from the Fens where a mole hill is considered a mountain!

Tim and Chris would be delighted if any club members, or cyclists, would like to join them for part of the route, or to support the event in any way.

Here are some possible ways that you might be able to help:

·         giving moral support by joining Tim and Chris for part of the route;

·         hosting the boys on their overnight stops (if we save money on B&Bs we will put the extra funds into the charity;)

·         spreading the word about the event;

·         sharing any helpful advice or ideas you might have;

·         making a donation (which you can do via the website above.)


The next page will show you the dashing cyclists and their proposed route.

PLEASE NOTE: the route is not entirely fixed, we are happy to tweak it somewhat to, for example, fit it with an offer of accommodation.

If you can help in any way, please feel free to contact Tim Langford. You can:

‘phone, or text, him on, 07780 655268;

or, e-mail him at,