Reunion Tour Series starts this Saturday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Over the past 18 months Covid19 has resulted in many of us training in our own friendship groups, and in many cases away from our traditional club runs. 

As a result we have decided to replace the usual Annual Fun Tours with The Reunion Tour Series to bring our members back to the clubrooms on Railway Street on a Saturday morning. The series will run for 10 weeks starting this Saturday 25th September. 

This year's charity will again be the NI Air Ambulance, with a recommended donation of £10 per person for the whole series. Donations can be made in person on the day (to the run Coordinator) or via The Just Giving Page (please see link below). All those who make the recommended donation or more will receive a Cycling goodie bag at the end of the series.

There will be 3 training runs leaving each Saturday (which can be further sub divided on the day based on ability where necessary) from the clubrooms on Railway Street: 

 A Run - 9.00am - Philip Morrison 

 B Run - 9.15am - Paul Murdoch 

 C Run/Touring run - 9.30am - Richard Wilson 

 We will continue to encourage registration for weekly runs through Eventbrite, however we understand that this has been a challenge for some members. These members can now be registered manually on the day by the relevant Run Coordinator, to encourage everyone to attend. 

 We hope that everyone will come along and support the Reunion Tour Series and support our Club. We look forward to welcoming u all this Saturday. If anyone has any concerns or queries please contact Paul Murdoch.