BRC Club Race Calendar Update!

11 July 2020
BRC 2020 Race Calendar

Due to current restriction of 30 entries per event in line with Covid guidance, our club events for 2020 will only be open to BRC members and associate members ONLY (who have a valid Cycling Ireland Licence). We apologise for this. 

 Please note new applications for associate members will not be accepted until further notice. Entry will be online prior to events, details of same will be published soon. 

Prior to all events, participants and officials must ensure that the following guidelines are adhered to: 

1. Complete the CI online learning course (once) LINK: 

 2. Before each ride take a self assessment (1 minute) LINK: 

3. To help contact tracing, book your ride (ALL CLUB EVENTS) in advance - this can be done a week in advance (1 minute) LINK: