Eddie wins McQuigg 50 Cup!

20 June 2019
Eileen Burns clocked the fastest time last night on the Coast Road, in the McQuigg 50TT. For the 2nd year the race was run on the Coast Road between Larne and Waterfoot. 

The McQuigg Cup is awarded on the basis of fastest handicap time. Eddie Hampton of BRC improved on last year's 50 miles TT time by 3 minutes 53 seconds to record 2 hours 7 minutes 41 seconds and win the handicap section, and with it the McQuigg cup, in last wednesday night's event at Larne.

Hampton leads the time trial handicap league series with 20 points. Jason Burns is second with 13 points while Chris Millar is third on 12 points and Deirdre McAuley fourth with 8 points.


Eileen Burns BRC 1:57:30 
Andrew Chivers Cicotel 1:58:37 
Jason Burns BRC 2:02:50 
David Heagney Carn Wheelers 2:05:15 
Eddie Hampton BRC 2:07:41 
Adrian Kerr BRC 2:16:10 
Paul McQuillan BRC 2:17:11 
Martin Ruddy BRC 2:25:16 
John Maxwell BRC 2:29:51 
Deirdre McAuley BRC 2:40:56 
Laura Campbell BRC DNF 
Luke McMullan BRC DNF 
Gerard McCullough BRC DNF