Marshalling Details RHT 2019

Monday, May 27, 2019

Red Hand Trophy 2019 - Race Officials & Marshalling Details: 



Race Officials


Race Director

Jason Burns/ Paul Murdoch

Chief Judge

Andrew Wills

Chief Time Keeper

Andrew Wills

Photo Finish

Ian Barfoot

Chief Commissaire

Jean McGinley

Commissaire 2

Aaron Wallace

Commissaire 3

Jonny Beers

Commissaire 4

Mario Arranz

Motorbike Commissaire

Francis Coyle

Travelling First aider (Men’s Race)

Joan McCullough/Vicky McCullough

Travelling First Aider (Ladies Race)

Adele Kennedy/Maria Shannon

Travelling Ambulance

EMS Magherafelt

Sign On

Andrew Wills/Jason Burns


Official Vehicle Drivers

Elite Men's Race

Lead Car 1

Bert Kernohan/Andrew Moss

Lead Car 2

Ryan McNeilly/Michelle McNeilly

Lead Car 3

Darran Moody/John Maxwell

Chief Comm Driver

Paul Murdoch

Comm 2 Driver

Derek Dougan

Neutral Service 1

Caolan Stuart/Mark McCullough

Neutral Service 2

Bill Lawrence/Rob Lawrence

Broom Wagon

Pius McKernan



Elite Women's Race

Lead Car 1

Philip Morrison

Lead Car 2

Martin Ruddy/Bernie Monaghan

Chief Comm Driver

Richard Wilson

Comm 2 Driver

Karl Redmond

Neutral Service 1

Eddie Hampton/Chris Millar

Broom Wagon

Pius McKernan 


Static Marshall List




Est Time*

John Shaw                      Adrian Kerr                      

Eilis Boland 

A43 junction with Drumagrove Rd (Turtles) – turn left


Hall Booth                    Gary Boyd

Clough Village (right turn 1)


Geoff Allen                      Bobby Allen

Clough Village (right turn 2)


Tommy Mairs           Bobbie Currie

Moneyduff Road – turn left


Keith Elliott                      Hugh McCullough

X roads. Tullykittagh Rd


Darren Crawford             Craig Crawford             Colin Scullion

Armoy, T junction- turn right


Deirdre McAuley          Russell Allardice

Grace Smith           

Ballycastle Sheskburn Garage- turn right


John Shaw                     Adrian Kerr                       Eilis Boland

Cushendall X-roads town centre – turn right


Tommy Mairs                  Bobby Currie

Waterfoot – turn left


Hall Booth                      Gary Boyd                  Geoff Allen                   Bobby Allen

Carnlough – turn right


Gerry McCullough             Brian McAuley             Mark Wright

 Finish Area             (including setting up barriers etc)



*estimated time of arrival based on a 28mph avg speed of men's race