Ernie Mark Cup 25TT

23 June 2019
Some photos and information for Wednesday night:s 25TT which will take place on the Crankill dual carriageway(A26):

Sign on from 6:10pm at Carnlea Orange Hall - sign on will close at 6:50pm to allow time keepers/ starters to travel to start line. Please adhere to this as it ensures event starts on time.

 - Start line located at Glarryford Lay by (beginning of lay by) - starter to assemble in lay by to await there start. - Riders will travel toward roundabout as normal and take 2nd exit to Armoy/ Ballycastle. - riders will continue on this road to Armoy village (13mile point) Dead turn located in village (see photo). This area will be marshalled. Riders also to adhere to road safety. - riders will proceed back to a26. - at roundabout will take first exit and return to dual carriageway (approx 21 miles) - 1 mile marker on road - finish is located on the slip road approaching the old unused petrol station before the Glarryford slip way. Time keeper will be visible here. - riders must enter this slip way and cross line. Riders will then proceed out other of this lay by and proceed approx 200m to take slip road to Glarryford. - riders to proceed left over flyover and take the next left over the small hump bridge. The sign on area is located approx 1 mile from this point. This allows riders to ride safety back to sign on area off dual carriageway and do not have to cross over carriageway. - quality rear light required or no entry. - £5