BRC girls compete at Lincoln GP!

13 May 2019
Some shots from The Lincoln GP yesterday. BRC Women, Laura Campbell, Katharine Smyth and Eileen Burns were selected and represented Cycling Ulster in the event. The Lincoln GP was the second round of the UK-HSBC National Road Series. The 3 riders lined up in a 110 field and competed over 8 eight mile laps of infamous circuit, totalling 64 miles. The race is renowned for the cobbled climb in the middle of Lincoln, Michaels Gate. This climb is relatively short on paper, however it is an average gradient of 11% and 20% at its steepest. Oh yeah and itís on cobbles. This sections is a decisive part of the course. And is tackled 8 times, with the finish line being positioned at the top. Well done Laura, Katharine (42nd) and Eileen (46th). Unluckily for Laura a rider in front on the climb came into difficulty causing riders to stop and unclip. The steep gradient near impossible to get back onto the bike. Being the determined rider Laura is she was forced to go down the climb and go again. This left a number of riders behind the threshold time and pulled from the race. Nevertheless, reports are itís left her hungry for more racing if nothing else. 💪🏼💁‍♀️ Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Women's Cycling Ulster