Red Hand Trophy - Marshalling Details

10 September 2018

Below are full details of all marshals and vehicle drivers for this Saturday's Red Hand Trophy Road Race. All marshals and car drivers should report to the clubrooms for 9.30am on Saturday:


Race Officials


Race Director

Jason Burns/ Paul Murdoch

Chief Judge

Andrew Wills

Chief Time Keeper

Andrew Wills

Photo Finish

Ian Barfoot

Chief Commissaire

Jack Watson

Commissaire 2

Aaron Wallace

Commissaire 3

Jonny Beers

Commissaire 4

Laura Wilson

Motorbike Commissaire

James McLaughlin

Travelling First aider (Men’s Race)

Joan McCullough/Vicky McCullough

Travelling First Aider (Ladies Race)

Adele Kennedy/Maria Shannon

Travelling Ambulance

EMS Magherafelt

Sign On

Andrew Wills/Jason Burns


Official Vehicle Drivers

Elite Men's Race

Lead Car 1

Bert Kernohan/Andrew Moss

Lead Car 2

Ryan McNeilly/Joann Lowry

Lead Car 3

David Campbell/Richard Reid

Chief Comm Driver

Paul Murdoch

Comm 2 Driver

Derek Dougan

Neutral Service 1

Caolan Stuart/Paul McQuillan

Neutral Service 2

Bill Lawrence/Rob Lawrence

Broom Wagon

Jim Burns


Elite Women's Race

Lead Car 1

Darran Moody

Lead Car 2

Martin Ruddy/Bernie Monaghan

Chief Comm Driver

Gary Boyd

Comm 2 Driver

Karl Redmond

Neutral Service 1

Eddie Hampton/Chris Millar

Broom Wagon

Jim Burns







Static Marshall List




Est Time*

John Shaw/Ingus Meija/

Deirdre McAuley

A43 junction with Drumagrove Rd (Turtles) – turn left


Hall Booth/John Maxwell

Clough Village (right turn 1)


Janine Gordon/Nigel Tennant/Phil Rodgers

Clough Village (right turn 2)


Tommy Mairs/

Bobbie Currie

Moneyduff Road – turn left


Alex Bonar/Keith Elliott

X roads. Tullykittagh Rd


Alan Blair + 2

Armoy, T junction- turn right


Louise Fullerton + 1

Ballycastle Sheskburn Garage- turn right


John Shaw/Ingus Meija/

Deirdre McAuley

Cushendall X-roads town centre – turn right


Tommy Mairs/Bobbie Currie/John Maxwell

Waterfoot – turn left


Janine Gordon/Nigel Tennant/Phil Rodgers

Carnlough – turn right


Alan Blair + 2

Finish Area



*estimated time of arrival based on a 28mph avg speed of men's race