Eileen finishes 18th in Euro's!

08 August 2018

Eileen Burns and her Irish team mate have finished 18th and 17th respectively in the Time Trial at the European Championships in Glasgow today.

The 32.3km testing course was won by Ellen Van Dijk of Netherlands, with her teammate Anna Van Der Bruggen taking silver. Trixi Worrack of Germany won bronze.

Murphy finished in a time of 45.15, three seconds faster than Irish team mate Burns, who suffered a puncture in the closing 300m.


Both riders were competing early in the race, and Ballymena’s Burns was first over the line, briefly occupying the ‘hot seat’ finishing as the first rider over the line.

In a Time Trial the riders have an ear piece, and are given information and advice throughout, so Irish Team Manager Kurt Bogaerts was following Burns and informing her of her position during the race.

"I’m just disappointed because coming in 300m to go I stood up to sprint and my back wheel blew – so I couldn’t go hard over the line because it was the disc wheel, and it would just have broken in bits, so I just had to come rolling over the line.

"The course is a bit of everything – it started to rain there. There’s a lot of draggy sections – there’s no dominant hill – it’s just constant work and as the time goes on it just takes it out of your legs and your body."

Murphy pushed hard in her Time Trial – as the 12th starter today: "I just wanted to ride hard and I definitely did that – I lost the ability to see towards the end. It was a really testing sort of course and there’s no option but to get your head down and dig."