Richard is Club Champion!

05 July 2018
BRC Road Race Champions 2018 

Club Champion - Richard Maybin 
Women’s - Katharine Smyth 
Vet- Phillip Morrison 

21 BRC members signed on to compete over the 30 mile circuit. As predicted a long climb out of Broughshane was to be the deciding factor that split the bunch on both occasions the riders had to overcome it. 

4 riders came over the top on the first climb, consisting of Maybin, Smyth, McMullan and Lawrence. And they were to stay away for the remainder of the race. Maybin again kicked on the last few miles and finished solo from the other 3 riders. 

The remaining riders separated on the second time up the climb with Eileen Burns pulling away and finishing on her own. Phillip Morrison, caught in no mans land between Burns and the remaining riders also finished solo and took the vets prize. 

Well done to all competitors, winners, time keepers and Marshalls. 


1. Richard Maybin 
2. Luke McMullan 
3. Rob Lawrence 
4. Katharine Smyth 
5. Eileen Burns 
6. Phillip Morrison 
7. Ryan Beech
8. Ryan Currie 
9. Adrian Kerr 
10. Laura Campbell 
11. Alan Blair 
12. David Dougan 
13. Peter Drennan 

Paul McQuillian DNF
Ingus Meija DNF
Sammy Foster DNF 
Nigel Tennant DNF
Simon Taggart DNF 
Martin Robb DNF 
Ryan Bankhead DNF 
Richard Reid DNF