McQuigg Cup 50TT

Sunday, June 16, 2019
BRC 50TT for the McQuigg Cup will take place this Wednesday 19th June. Sign on will take place in car park on the Glenarm Road leaving Larne. Start and finish will be adjacent to this car park. 

The route will run the length of the coast road to waterfoot , entering Waterfoot you will be marshalled to turn left onto the Glen Road, riders will cycle 3 miles along this road before turning at a large road end, which will be well marshalled. Riders will then repeat their journey back to Larne. See map attached.Good working rear light required and no drafting  faster riders on the coast road.

The McQuigg Cup is awarded based on fastest handicapped time!

Entry £5
Sign on 6:15pm and first rider off at 7:00pm sharp