Ernie Mark Cup 25TT update

Monday, June 18, 2018
ATTENTION!!!!!! Club Time Trial Update! 

A8 Larne dual carriageway can not be used due to road works that commenced today, ending on 7th July. It has been decided by BRC race committee to run this weeks 25TT Ernie Mark Cup on the club’s regularly used Caddy Circuit (please see map attached). Finish line is along Caddy Road and will be clearly marked on road and with finishing flag. Riders will pass this point 3 times during the time trial, finishing on the 3rd occasion. 

Sign on will be from 6:15 at Ballee Park and Ride Car Park.

Sign on closes at 6.45 (please arrive to sign on before this time, to allow time keepers to travel to start) 

First rider off at 7:00 sharp. start line at Moorings Mediquip. 

£3 entry fee. 

Good rear working light. This is your responsibility to ensure increased safety to allow drivers approaching to see you from a distance. Please ensure you have a bright light. 

Apologises on behalf of race committee for changing location on a number of occasions. BRC are attempting to increase the safety of all riders and Marshalls. 

Could all marshals please meet at Ballee park and ride also by sign on finishing. If you have any fluorescent clothing you are encouraged to wear same.