Gary takes H & M Wilson Cup!

02 May 2018
Gary Walker took a home win for BRC tonight at Slaght to win the H & M Wilson up. After 3 laps of the Caddy Circuit he sprinted to victory ahead of a very competitive field to take the win from Shay Donley (NPRT). The handicapped race came together on the final lap for the large bunch to contest the sprint.

Great result for newly signed rider Gary!

1. Gary Walker  BRC
2. Shay Donley  NPRT
3. Chris Church  U/a
4. Peter Smyth  U/a
5. Sammy Foster  BRC
6. Gary Reid  BRC
7. Ryan Beech  BRC
8. Michael Boal  Madigan
9. Ryan Currie BRC
10. Alan Blair  BRC
11. Luke McMullan BRC
12. Michael Carroll  BRC
13. Neal Calderwood  Carn
14. Eddie Hampton BRC
15. Laura Campbell BRC
16. Eddie Kearney  Phoenix
17. Katharine Smyth  BRC
18. Jon Hilditch BRC
19. Geoff McMurray  Old Bleach
20. Simon Taggart  BRC
21. Andrew Meer  VCM
22. Sean Wright  BRC
23. Rob Lawrence BRC
24. James McConnell  BRC
25. Thomas Wilson  BRC
26. Paul McQuillan  BRC
27. Dale Bonner BRC
28. Adrian Kerr  BRC
29. Peter Drennan  BRC