Luke takes Round 1 of Scratch League!

04 April 2018

Tonight marked the start of the BRC club season with Round 1 of the Scratch League on the Sheddings Circuit. The race got off to a very quick start with Ed Kearney (Phoenix), Tommy Wilson (BRC) and Peter Smyth (U/a) breaking away early in the first lap. The trio built a lead of around 30 seconds by the end of lap one, however Kearney upped the pace leading up to Church Entry and shed Smyth from the attacking group. As the race forked off to Buckna, the very strong Kearney then made his move and edged away from Wilson. He built up a laed of almost 40 seconds as Smyth and Wilson were swallowed up by the chasing bunch.

As the race moved out of Buckna the bunch began to coordinate their chase and eat into the lead. After the Sheddings turn Luke McMullan and Ryan Currie bridged the gap and the trio fought out the finishing sprint, with McMullan taking the victory, followed by Kearney who took a very creditable second, followed by Currie. Gary Reid took the sprint for 4th place.
Full Results:

BRC Scratch League 2018 - Round 1 Sheddings Circuit


  1. Luke McMullan BRC (10 pts)

  2. Edward Kearney Phoenix (9 pts)

  3. Ryan Currie BRC (8 pts)

  4. Gary Reid BRC (7 pts)

  5. Fergus Byrne BRC (6 pts)

  6. Adam Torrie BRC (5 pts)

  7. Niall Lawrence BRC (4 pts)

  8. Geoff McCrory BRC (3 pts)

  9. Michael Carroll BRC (2 pts)

  10. Alan Blair BRC (1 pt)

  11. Richard Reid BRC

  12. Martin Robb BRC

  13. Jon Hilditch BRC

  14. Stephen Little BRC

  15. Peter Smyth U/a

  16. Rob Lawrence BRC

  17. Leslie Balmer BRC

  18. Laura Blair BRC

  19. Darran Moody BRC

  20. Gary McCappin BRC

  21. Marc Moody BCC