Peter wins TT Handicap League

16 November 2011


Ballymena Road Club first year club member Peter Smyth, from Carndale Meadows, has secured overall victory in the club’s, season long, time trial handicapped league series with a total of 34 points.

Peter only started cycling with BRC during the 2010 fun tour series and he has made remarkable progress in his first season.

Smyth scored in seven of the nine rounds including four handicap wins. Three of these wins earned him silverware. They were the Combat Cancer 25 miles time trial trophy, the McQuigg cup for the 50 miles time trial and the Gardiner cup for a 10 miles time trial.

Peter’s time trial performances were very impressive. His best 10 miles time of the season was 23 minutes 22 seconds in the Gardiner cup event on 6th July. His best 25 miles performance was 58 minutes 55 seconds in the Ernie Mark cup event on 17th August while his 50 miles time in the McQuigg cup TT on 18th July was 2 hours 8 minutes 7 seconds. Peter’s combined times gave him an overall average speed of 24.851 mph for fourth place in the club best all-rounder championship.

Peter also scored in five rounds of the club’s road racing league series to finish tenth overall in that competition.

Peter will collect a total of four trophies at next week’s prize presentation dinner in the Leighinmohr house hotel. The dinner is scheduled for Friday 25th November at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £17.50 (£10 for youth members) and are available from committee members. Please make the treasurer’s job easier by paying BEFORE the night of the dinner. (Tickets will be £20 if paid on the night)