Moira MTB Race

06 November 2011
Connor Young 2nd today in Moira MTB race.
Here is his report.....

Race report

Frantic start to the race of 5 laps with aprox 35/40 riders starting the race. The racing was brutal and went from the gun and luckily got into a good position. I was in a selction of 10 riders going into the second lap, the speed again lifted in the second lap and that narrowed the group down to about 5 or 6 riders. At the back of the course on the third lap I took the inside line on a turn and put the pressure down. This split the remaning group up with a single chaser and then a group of three. I was caught by the single chaser... Mark Farrel and then the two of us pulled out a long lead. With half a lap to go Mark opened up a gap of about 5 bike lengths through a mucky stretch and extended that lead to cross the finish line 20 secondes ahead of myself. I finished 30+ lengths ahead of third place finisher Kevin lynch.
1. Mark Farrel
2. Connor Young
3. Kevin Lynch