BRC cyclists feature well at Madigan GP!

06 August 2017

Chris McGlinchey (Chain Reaction) wins 2017 Madigan Cycles GP.

Chris McGlinchey from Chain Reaction won the Madigan GP yesterday. 

BRC riders were also in action, with Dale Bonnar claiming a very creditable 3rd place in the A3 category, on a very demanding course. Laura Campbell also claimed 4th place in the ladies event, her first competitive action following her return from honeymoon.

However Tommy Wilson stole the headlines for BRC with a brilliant solo win in the Masters race, with team mate Jim McConnell coming home in 3rd!

Result (A1, A2, A3, Junior) 54-miles 3 Laps: 1 Chris McGlinchey (Chain Reaction); 2 Lindsay Watson (Power House); 3 Darnell Moore (Caldwell Cycles Omagh); 4 Carl Morgan (Phoenix CC); 5 Jody Wright (Phoenix CC); 6 Conor Gallagher / 1st Junior (Castle Bar); 7 Darragh McCarter (Donegall Bay); 8 Kevin McKinney (Armagh CC); 9 Jonny Taylor (Carn Wheelers); 10 Bobby Kane (Bann Wheelers); 11 Nathan Mullan (Dromara CC); 12 Robbie McElderry / 1st A3 (Bann Whs): 13 John Heverin (Clann Eireann); 14 Keith Philips ( North Down CC); 15 Peter Wakeley / 1st A2 (Phoenix CC);16 Paul Wilkinson (West Down Whs); 17 Fergus Rooney (Phoenix CC); 18 Gary McCullough / 1st Madigan (Team Madigan); 19 Chris Birney (Sport Active); 20 Gary Walker (Team Madigan); 21 Niall Morris (Phoenix CC); 22 Dale Bonnar (Ballymena RC); 23 Patrick Rogan / 1st unplaced Junior (Phoenix CC).

A4 Race 36-miles 2 Laps: 1 Dermot O'Kane (Bann Valley); 2 Felix Hagan (Phoenix CC); 3 Jonathan Taylor (North Down CC); 4 Danny O'Connor (VC Glendale); 5 William Strain (VC Iveagh); 6 Dan Brown (Curran Racing); 7 Alan Glendinning (Island Whs); 8 Andrew Meek (Kings Moss CC); 9 Stewart Millar (North Down CC); 10 Ryan McErlean (Carn Whs).

Ladies Race 36-miles 2 Laps: 1 Katharine Smyth (Team Madigan); 2 Lisa Lamont (Team Madigan); 3 Meta Johnston (Team Madigan); 4 Laura Blair (Ballymena RC).

Masters / Over 50s Race 36-miles 2 Laps: 1 Tommy Wilson (Ballymena RC); 2 Chris McCann (Phoenix CC); 3 Jim McConnell (Ballymena RC).