Motorists please read!!

06 August 2017
The following was recently shared by PSNI Newry & Mourne on Facebook:

Sunday's are a popular day for cyclists out individually or with groups/clubs but please read on, this applies everyday of the week!! Day or night.

What you see below is a visualisation of the distance you should allow as a minimum when passing a cyclist.  Treat the cyclist as a small car.

If you can't pass safely leaving this space then wait until you can do so safely whether it's a single cyclist or a group and remember its MINIMUM DISTANCE.

Having recently tried to pass a long strung out group of cyclists riding single breast I will say it would have been much easier to make a single pass of them travelling as a 'pack'.

We will be launching 'safe pass' patrols across Newry Mourne and Down. These are on duty officers in plain cycle clothes equipped with a rear mounted light fitted with a recording camera. Feedback from colleagues already running this scheme would suggest a lot of people don't even see the cyclist they've just passed.

Pass too close and expect to be having a chat with a local officer and where required camera evidence can be presented to the courts in support of a prosecution.

Pay attention to the road ahead.