Gardner Cup 10 miles TT

19 July 2017
New Frosses Road A26 10TT wed 19th 19.00 start. Sign on from 18.00 Carnlea Orange Hall.

START: Competitors will start at the bus stop 20yards left from the entrance of the Kildowney Road, on the main A26 road. 

Competitiors will proceed and cycle to the Ballycastle roundabout (5.2 miles approx), where they will take the 3rd exit to take a U turn and proceed to travel back towards Ballymena. 

Finish is on the slip way for Clough/Glarryford (see photo) approximately 4.8 miles from the turn. 

Following completion of the course competitors will turn right and travel across the fly over towards Glaryford. Competitors will take the first road on the left, at hump back bridge onto the Kildowney Road. This will lead back to sign on, approximately 1 mile. Road also marked. This is to maintain the safety of competitors as it removes the need to pass across the dual carriageway.