Dromara CC Road Races at Bishops Court

04 June 2017
Yesterday a large contingent of BRC riders participated in the Dromara CC Road Races at Bishops Court.

In the A2 event the race was lit up from the start as Jack Ferguson from the host club attempted a break away followed by Stevie Irvine following up but it would be Matthew Armstrong who would finally get a move to stick as he went out on his own. With the wind picking up it was a move that was followed up with BRC's Luke McMullan making across the gap to help Matthew out. Harvey Barnes having won last year clearly saw this as a very dangerous break away and would make a huge effort to bridge the gap. Several efforts would be made from the group behind but with no luck getting the time gap to reduce leaving the three riders to battle over the podium positions. On the last corner Harvey Barnes made the decisive move to take the win for the second year in a row with Luke McMullan taking 2nd and Dromara CCs Matthew Armstrong taking third place. 

Laura Blair continued her strong season with yet another win in the Ladies Race.