Sammy Gaston Cup Road Race

25 May 2017
The Sammy Gaston Cup took place tonight on the Glarryford course. This again was a handicapped race and with a good number signed on 4 bunches were formed. The riders had to compete over 5 laps of the 5 miles circuit, with a short, but tight climb to Millar's Corners. Well done to David Dougan who was clear at the line taking first and earning himself the Sammy Gaston Cup!!


1. David Dougan BRC
2. Tim Woodside Centurions
3. Paul Murdoch BRC
4. Ryan Shaw BRC
5. Nigel Tennant BRC
6. Ryan Beech BRC
7. Phillip Morrison BRC
8. Adrian McGregor Dunloy CC
9. Jon Hilditch BRC
10. Sammy Foster Old Bleach

*top 10 riders published.

Many Thanks, to all marshals and volunteers who help out each week to ensure that these races can be run.