Darrell wins Combat Cancer Cup!!

19 May 2017
BRC Hand cyclist Darrell Erwin has won the Combat Cancer Cup based on Handicap Time. 

The Combat Cancer Cup took place last Wednesday evening  on the Woodgreen, A26 Course. 26 testers signed on to compete over the annual 25TT. As the earlier riders started off the heavens opened which made for some tricky conditions, thankfully it cleared giving the riders clear sky and better visibility.

Legend John Madden from Inspired Cycling shows no signs of slowing down, and in less favourable conditions set an astonishing time of 51:58 to be the fastest of the night. Coming in 2nd was also guest rider Jeremy Martin of Team Madigan with 55:47. Fastest BRC member was Jason Burns setting a time of 55:56.

The Combat Cancer Cup is a handicapped trophy and the winner will be published in due course, once handicapp is applied to results!!

1. John Madden  Inspired Cycling 51:58
2. Jeremy Martin Team Madigan 55:47
3. Jason Burns BRC 55:56
4. Dale Bonnar BRC 56:50
5. Simon Kerry VC Iveagh 58:40
6. Michael Carroll BRC 58:46
7. Paul McQuillian BVRC 58:46
8. Michael Rowan Northern 59:18
9. Peter Smyth u/a 59:29
10. Martin Robb OBCC 59:30
11. Hall Booth BRC 59:45
12. Lisa Lamont Team Madiagn 61:26
13. Martin Ruddy  BRC 62:18
14. Laura Blair BRC 63:09
15. Nev Smyth Northern  63:45
16. Gary McCappin BRC 64:10
17. Colin Wilson Ards CC 65:13
18. Darren Crawford BRC 66:20
19. Janine Gordon BRC 66:28
20. Gerard McCullagh BVRC 67:25
21. Deirdre McAuley BVRC 71:25
22. Geoff Bell BRC 71:54
23. Beresford Millar BRC 74:34
24. Darrell Ewrin BRC 76:13
25. Stephen Workman BRC DNF
26. Ken Brewster Team Madigan DNS