BRC 2017 Race Calendar Changes

19 March 2017
Due to over usage of the Woodgreen/A26 Course for Time Trials by several clubs, it has been agreed between all clubs concerned, PSNI and Cycling Ulster that only one event per week will take place on the course during 2017. As a result BRC have made a few changes to their Club Race Calendar which was released recently. Please see updated calendar below by visiting our events page on this website.

Please note that Sign On for ALL events on the Woodgreen Course will now take place at Ballee 'Park and Ride' Car Park (in front of Donnelly & Taggart) on the Antrim Road. Riders must then cycle out to the normal starting point at the Woodgreen layby. Participants will not be permitted to park cars on the course or in any of the laybys on the course. The Woodgreen layby will be reserved for race officials and riders waiting for their starting slot only. Please note that this has been agreed with the PSNI & Cycling Ulster Executive Committee and will be strictly enforced by club officials.