Fun tours Start September 10th.

05 September 2011
The popular Ballymena Road Club – Northstone - series of fun cycle tours commences next Saturday 10th September from Rex Bonar House at

Once again the tours will receive support from Ballymena Borough Council who will host a presentation at the end of the series.

The normal well tried and tested format will continue for this year’s series.

The participants will be divided into at least two groups with the more experienced riders scheduled to cover about 50 miles on their tour.

Club members will welcome newcomers to the touring section’s group where the average speed will be kept to around 15mph.

This speed isn’t exactly slow for novices so anyone who turns up needs to have been doing some training in preparation for the event.

Experienced club members are asked to make themselves available as "travelling marshalls”. They need to be fit to do this job as it means riding ahead of the group, to cover junctions and corners and then staying in position until everyone goes past, and then cycling back up to the front again ready for the next turn. This will certainly be good training for those volunteers!

Certificates and medals will be awarded to the successful participants with five tours earning bronze, eight for silver while eleven wins gold.

Participants are advised that crash helmets must be worn. They are also advised to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and to bring a rain jacket, spare tube, food and money.