Hall Booth's 'Everest' Cycling Challenge

20 May 2016
On Saturday 4th June, Hall Booth from Ballymena Road Club will be doing an 'Everest' cycling challenge to raise money for the Children's Cancer Unit. The idea is to climb the height of Everest on the bike in one attempt. You can choose any hill you like. The steeper the hill, the shorter the distance to ride, a shallower gradient means further to ride but an easier climb. Hall has chosen the Old Portglenone road and the 0.3 mile section at the Garvaghy Road, Portglenone side. 

To gain the height of 29030ft it will require about 170 ascents to give a distance of around 130 miles. It's been done twice before in NI, the best time was 19hrs. Hall hopes to better that albeit it's not a race. Once the clock starts it doesn't stop until it's completed. Rules are you can stop for breaks as you can on Everest but you can't come off the route. It will be a massive challenge especially for "someone not built for hills" so Hall says but if it raises some money for the kids cancer unit it'll be worth every minute. Hall would love to see some of the club members on the day, either on the bike for a few laps or just to say hello to lift the spirits. 

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