All change at Railway Street

29 October 2015
Ballymena Road Club – Chain Reaction Cycles – members held their Annual General Meeting at Rex Bonar house, Railway Street, last Monday evening.

Thirty three club members were present to express their thanks to the outgoing committee members, listen to reports and elect the new committee for 2016.

John Maxwell was in the chair and in his address he thanked his fellow committee members for their hard work during his two year term of office.

He also congratulated Eileen Burns on her new Irish 10 miles time trial record. He praised the hard work of all those involved in promoting the club’s racing programme and also expressed a wish that the Billy Kerr sportive would grow in popularity and thus keep the name of the club’s greatest ever champion alive. He congratulated Billy’s son Neill for offering to organise the event in 2016.
John thanked Hazel Hughes for her hard work over the past 10 years as club secretary.

David Dougan presented the race secretary’s report with Patsy McGurk doing the same for the touring section. Richard Wilson presented the treasurer’s report.

Former chairman Billy Jebb conducted the election of officials and it was a case of a near complete change of the management team with five of 2015’s committee members not going forward.
The only exception was for the honoury post of President with Alan Mark being proposed and re-elected.

John Maxwell didn’t seek re-election and his position as Chairman will now be filled by Paul Murdoch.
The new vice Chairman is John McKillop.

David Dougan didn’t seek re-election as Race secretary with that post now with Jason Burns.

Nigel Kernohan stood down as assistant race secretary and website administrator.

Former race secretary Hugh McCullough is the new assistant race secretary.

Hazel Hughes stood down as secretary after a ten year term of office. The incoming Secretary is Lori Phillips.

Richard Wilson, after a 40 years term on the club committee, didn’t seek re-election as Treasurer.

Last year’s assistant treasurer Geoff Allen is the new treasurer. The position of assistant treasurer goes to Alastair Petticrew.

Other posts have been filled as follows.

Child care Officer Leo McCavana. Health and safety officer Jim Burns.

Handicappers Alan Blair and Jason Burns (Road Races) Richard Wilson (Time trials)

Panel of time keepers Andrew Wills, Alastair Petticrew, and Joan McCullough.

Racing committee. Jason Burns, Hugh McCullough, Alan Blair, Andrew Wills, Laura Blair, Eileen Burns, Martin Ruddy, Clifford Grant, Hall Booth, John Maxwell and Tom Douds.

House committee. Martin Ruddy, John McKillop, David McClean, Jim Burns and Pius McKernan.

Trustees. Billy Jebb, Michael Thompson, David Kennedy, Bobby Currie and David McClean.

Message from Richard "May I take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped me on the club committee over the years. I wish the new committee every success as they take the club forward into 2016 and beyond."