Help needed: Youth cycling recruitment and development meeting

08 April 2015
Title: "Help needed: Youth cycling recruitment and development meeting"

Date/time: Monday, 13th April @ 7.15 pm (for approximately 1 hour)

Location: BRC club rooms

Over recent years, youth membership in BRC has declined and this is a trend that needs to be reversed in order to sustain and develop the club for future generations.  To this point, a meeting is scheduled for 7.15 pm on Monday, 13th April in the club rooms.  The agenda for the meeting will be to establish a youth committee for the club.

The remit of the youth committee will be to develop and implement plans for the recruitment and development of youth members.  This may involve approaching local schools, local publicity via the local newspapers, use of social media (Twitter/Facebook etc), running dedicated training/skills development events, regular youth specific rides, and helping out at club race events etc.

For those who don't wish to join the committee, there will be certainly be opportunities to help out with specific events - so please come along to the meeting and let us know your ideas and how you can contribute.

With your help, we can really develop the next generation of BRC cyclists.  It would be appreciated if you could email Leo McCavana (Youth Co-ordinator) - - to let him know that you will be able to attend or otherwise willing to provide other volunteer support.