Results Wallace Caldwell National League Round 2

21 March 2015
1. Bryan McCrystal (Team ASEA)
2. Fraser Duncan (Team ASEA)
3. Roger Aiken (Team ASEA)
4. Chris McGlinchey (CRC)
5. Alistair Macauley (Team ASEA)
6. Christopher Reilly (Team ASEA)
7. Ryan Sherlock (U/A)
8. Stephen Harkens (Team Madigan)
9. Angus Fyffe (Omagh Wheelers)
10. David Watson (Nprth Down)
11. David Hamilton (North Down CC)
12. Chris Gilmore (Team Madigan)
13. Gareth McCullough (Newry Wheelers)
14. Jonny Taylor (Carn Wheelers)
15. Jody Wright (Phoenix CC)
16. Darnel Moore (Caldwell Cycles)
17. John Madden (Dig Deep Inspired)
18. Thomas Martin (Caldwell Cycles)
19. Sean Featherstone (Newry Wheelers)
20. Des Woods Newry Wheelers)

Thanks to everybody who helped today to make the race a success.