Junior Tour of Ireland

23 July 2011
Ballymena rider Matthew Brennan made a valiant effort to win stage 3 of the Junior tour of Ireland. First into the breach on the stage 3 was Eoin McCarthy of the Ireland development team, Ian Redmond of Munster, Luke Maguire of Leinster, Steven van Heerden, Dewet Swanpoel both of Mr. Price South Africa and Matthew Brennan of Cycling Ulster/Slane Cycles....The advantage went to over two minutes before Mulranny. On leaving the town the bunch reacted to the escapees and started to claw back the advantage. By Ballycroy, they had closed to within 30 seconds, but Matthew Brennan and Dewet did not resign themselves to merging with the chasers and decided to inject the momentum. Naturally, the chasing bunch were of the opinion that a chase similar to the one they had engaged in would be suffice to reel back the duo. Eventually their advantage went close to four minutes before the alarm bells started to ring in deep tones. The two escapees were eventually caught inside the 1km banner.