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Name: Angela
Just wondering why the results from last weeks 2races haven't been posted on the site? Ie Bann Valley and Interclub
No results have been given to Clifford so he can't put them up
Name: Michelin Club Member
Well done and thanks to all those who did the Baby and Adult run on Saturday
Thanks it was an enjoyable run and the weather was a bonus
Name: Michelin Club Member
****TIME CHANGE****Can you please let everyone know Michelin Club runs will start next week Tuesday 23rd August at the new time of 6pm
Name: joan
great to see the site being updated.
Name: Belgium Doctor
Hi Lance Blair, going by the reports of the lap the lough today, I trust you got the pills I despatched for you. Feel free to tell your club mates as I hear they need help! Hope your wife happy and gets that good nights sleep she deserves.
Name: Lance blairs wife
Hello Hazel was just wondering if you knew of anywhere I could get tablets for lance he's in a real bad way he has got it into his head that he is the best cyclist in the world he has started to cycle in bed at night  I am exhausted from lack of sleep  regards x
you could contact Alan Mark he is expert in supply of pills for all illments think he need a big rest as he is head down all the time needs rest like John M
Name: mal rodgers
A big helloooo to everyone at brc what a wonderful organization. I truly hope this club survives for many many years. as a boy coming up from carnlough each weekend was special. this was the highlight of my week. i want to thank everyone involved at this club although its been nearly 20yrs and now i live in USA i will always remember my time at BRC with great fondness. Big thanks to Richard Wilson for giving me my first real cycling shirt tghis now will be passed onto my two sons. Thanks Guys.
Name: Lance B
Hazel well done to all concerned especially the old people that had to keep up with the young guns - knackered but enjoyed it
still spinning at 2am thursday morning
Name: Mccullough and Mark Family
We would like to wish all the best to our young rider matthew brennan on his venture to belgium. Race hard and have a good time!
Name: Hazel Hughes
well done to Hugh McCullough our race secretary for running a great race on Wednesday night in Randalstown. Very well organised, marshalled and safe in difficult weather conditions
Name: adam mccullough
any chance on getting the website updated more regularly
want a job
Name: Carn Wheelers
The Carn Wheelers Inter Club Road race is next Thursday (28th July) @ 7.30

It is the Wood Road Circuit in Tobermore.
Name: C. Grant
Where are the race results on the site?
on the weekly column
Name: Pete
Looking to join a local cycling club, how do I go about joining ??
pete call down to the club rooms on a monday evening between 7 and 9 we meet here and we can advise what level u are at
Name: Peter Neilly
I was hoping to join, but I don't know anyone at the team.  Could I still join?  I'm 18
Peter you would need to come down to the club rooms Monday nite and see what level of membership you need we meet from 7 to 9 pm
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