BRC Training Runs

There have been some recent changes with regard to the booking of Club Training Rides. We have decided to use the Eventbrite App to facilitate Covid protocols and Track & Trace. Group Co-ordinators will be able to check riders in contactlessly using the Eventbrite App. Please note that riders will still have to complete the 3 step process through the Cycling Ireland webpage prior to attending the ride.


Eventbrite booking links will appear on the club website each Friday morning (for Saturday rides) and each Saturday morning (for Sunday rides). The booking link to the BRC webpage will be shared on the BRC WhatsApp group each week. Booking will be open from 8am for 24 hrs on these respective days. Ps. Please download the Eventbrite App on your Smart Device for ease of access. Please ensure that you receive a confirmation email for your booking, as your ride may not be properly booked otherwise.

Please click on the Link to the right to Book your Ride! 



When booking a ride on Eventbrite all riders will be asked to confirm that they have:


  1. Completed  the  Covid 19 E-learning  course. The CI course is currently down for maintenance, however an alternative CU course has been published by Paul Murdoch on all BRC WhatsApp groups. This only has to be completed once, so please contact Paul if you do not have access currently.


  2.  Before each ride take a self assessment (1 minute) LINK:  (complete prior to each club run)



If you wish to cancel a ride which you have already booked, using the Eventbrite App click on your order and select Cancel Order. You should receive email confirmation of this. Only 15 spaces (including leaders) are available for each ride, however a Waiting List has been created to enable additional rides to be set up for each run if necessary (as was the case on Week 1).


All groups and times are as follows:


A Run 9.00am -       Philip Morrison 07799 718910

B Run 9.15am -        Alastair Petticrew 07890 212409

C Run 9.30am -        Paul Murdoch 07725 368390




Please contact Paul Murdoch if you have any technical difficulties with Eventbrite.


We would like to thank BRC member Karl Redmond for all his help in setting up Eventbrite.

BRC Training Runs