About Us

Joining Ballymena Road Club

Why Not Join Ballymena Road Club?

  • The health & fitness benefits outweigh the risk of injury and act as effective stress relief
  • Benefit from the years of experience & advice at the club
  • Insurance & legal advice is included in membership
  • Why ride alone when you can ride as part of a wider social group
  • All inclusive; from individuals to families
  • There is an extensive range of club resources for you to benefit from
  • Take part in some healthy competition
Ballymena Road Club welcomes new members and would encourage you to contact the club if you are considering joining, why wait?

Please be aware of the club's procedures for joining and membership fees.

Membership Fees (2023 season)

Category CI Licence BRC Fee Total Fee
Senior Full Racing £ 126 £ 20 £ 146
Senior Ltd. Competition £ 90 £ 20 £ 117
Leisure £50 £ 20 £ 70
Cycling Supporter £18 £20 £ 38
BRC Associate nil £ 20 £ 20

CI: Cycling Ireland  BRC: Ballymena Road Club

Advantages Of Joining

Why Cycle Alone?

Ballymena Road Club organises weekly cycle tours and training rides to suit all levels of ability. In the non-racing season family tours are held every Saturday morning, the pace being set by the slowest rider. The more adventurous can join the Sunday morning club run of approximately 70 miles.


Experienced coaches are available to offer advice on training and cycle maintenance at the weekly Monday night meetings in the Rex Bonar House club rooms.


The club owns an events vehicle which travels to events all over Northern Ireland and often to Scotland and England.


On joining Ballymena Road Club you automatically become a member of the Cycling Ireland thro the Provincal Province Cycling Ulster (C.U.). If a racing license is required it is obtained via C.U. from Cycling Ireland (C.I.).

Third Party Insurance

If a claim is made against a C.I. member, CI will handle the matter on the members behalf.


Ballymena Road Club promote numerous open events during the racing season, March to September with weekly club events each Wednesday from April to August.

Yearly Fitness Programmes

Even after the cycling season has finished the club organizes fitness training in the Rex Bonar House club rooms. In addition to circuit and turbo training, members can also view cycling videos by contacting the club librarian or have a massage by the club masseur.

To become a member of the club the directions listed below should be followed -

1) Contact the club for an application form.
2) New members will require a proposer and a seconder who must be full members of the club.
3) Applications must be received by the club secretary 30 days before the first Monday of the following month.
4) Applicants who are not successful have the right of appeal. The club reserves the right to accept or refuse any applicant without having to give reason. The acceptance of an application form shall not be interpreted as a right to be accepted for membership.
5) There may be a restriction on the number of members.
6) Applicants who are related to club members may receive preference.
7) Associate members do not have any voting rights and do not have any entitlements to become full members.
8) A parental/guardian consent form will be required if you are under 18 years old.
9) Senior full racing includes the Masters category (40 years plus).
10) Juvenile full racing is divided into two categories - Under 16 & Under 14.
11) Yoy may be required to produce your CI license at any racing event if asked by a race official.

12) Carry your CI License while cycling.

Heart Start

Ballymena Road Club is a member of the British Heart Foundation - HEARTSTART. The aim is to establish an Emergency Life Support (ELS) training programme for members, family and friends. The objectives are to increase awareness of the need for ELS training and to develop the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to:

  • Recognize the signs and symptons of a heart attack
  • Care for an unconscious casualty
  • Perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
  • Deal with choking or an obstructed airway
  • Deal with serious and life threatening bleeding

Child Protection Policy

The Club has a child protection policy in operation which is registered with the Northern Ireland Volunteer Development Agency.

The principal states that "No child under the age of 10 years shall be permitted to take part in competitive cycle races on the open road, i.e. road that are open to normal traffic. It is the policy of Ballymena Road Club to safeguard the welfare of all children by protecting them from neglect, physical, sexual and emotional harm".

For further information on this policy please contact the club.
Please refer to Cycling Ulster for current rules and procedures www.cyclingulster.com
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