Gear Information

Gear Table

Conversion Formula:
1. To convert metres to feet divide by 0.3048.
2. To convert Km to miles divide by 1.6093.
3. Measurement in inches = No. of teeth on Chainring x Diameter of rear wheel (27") divided by the number of teeth on the rear sprocket.

Gear Restrictions

Category Distance Gear Limit Cog & Ring
Junior Under 18 65 miles 7.93 m 52 x 14
Junior Under 16 30 miles 6.90 m 42 x 13
Junior Under 14 15 miles 6.40 m 42 x 14

Roller Racing for all categories, 8.26 m - cranks must be at least 165 mm.

The chain ring and cog sizes are given as recommendations only. For full details of gear restrictions consult the Northern Ireland Cycing federation Rules Of Racing. Gearing will be measured from the largest gear on the machine.