Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct


1. Cycle in accordance with the Rules for Cyclists in the Highway Code.
2. Give consideration to other road users particularly pedestrians, horses and other animals.
3. Acknowledge motorists or other road users who give you right of way or other consideration.
4. Give clear and precise hand signals.
5. Slow down and be prepared to stop at roundabouts.
6. Make a complaint at the nearest police station if you are "cut up" by a motor vehicle. Record the incident in the log Book located at Rex Bonar House club rooms as soon as possible. Rule 139 of the Highway Code for Drivers states "give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would a car when overtaking".


1. Use foul language in a built up area.
2. Throw litter from your pockets.
3. Be guilty of Indecent Conduct along the road side or public place.
4. Make rude gestures to drivers when cut up by other road users. Your life could
be in danger if they retaliate. The British Cycling Federation states; "it is clearly now a fact of life that cyclists may find themselves to be victims of road rage or similar attacks arising from the use of the highway".


When cycling on the road you represent all cyclists in general.