Racing 2021

The 2021 Club Race Calendar has now been confirmed.

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        Additional notes for 2021:



    •  Due to COVID19 rules, numbers will not be issued to riders. In TT events it is the responsibility of the rider to shout their number to the timekeepers upon crossing the finish line.

    • ENTRIES TO ALL EVENTS WILL BE THROUGH RACEPASS. STRICTLY NO ENTRIES ON THE NIGHT OF THE EVENT! NO EXCEPTIONS! - full details of entry via Racepass will be published on the website a week prior to each event.

    • Visiting riders will be permitted to participate.

    • There will be a maximum of 50 riders for TT events, and 60 for Road Race events.

    • Due to COVID19 rules, their will be no assisted push off at the start. Riders will start themselves from a standing start.

    • The cost of sign on at all BRC club races is £5.




    • A minimum standard light must be used by ALL riders at TT's. These can be purchased from the BRC shop in Rex Bonar House at a cost of £10 OR will be available on race days at a cost of £12 at sign on. ALL lights will be inspected at Sign on by an appointed Club Official. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry where a riders light is not up to the required standard. Please see link below for our recommended light. This represents a minimum requirement for riders at sign on:



    The BRC 3 Day Event:   to be eligible for the overall 3 Day points, the 5TT MUST be ridden on a road bike, with no aero equipment including clip on bars or aero TT helmets. TT set up can be ridden otherwise.



    • BRC Road Racing League: Points will be awarded (10 pts 1 pt) to the first 10 riders across the line, regardless of club. Points awarded to BRC riders will count towards the Road Racing League as usual, as well a Visiting Riders League. Points awarded to visiting riders will count towards the Visiting Riders League only. A £100 prize will be awarded to the overall winner of the Visiting Riders League (kindly sponsored by Mr John Maxwell).