Racing 2018

The 2018 Club Race Calendar has now been confirmed.

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*The main changes to this year’s calendar include:

  • The BRC 3 Day Event:   to be eligible for the overall 3 Day points, the 5TT MUST be ridden on a road bike, with no aero equipment including clip on bars or aero TT helmets. TT set up can be ridden otherwise.


  • BRC Road Racing League: Points will be awarded (10 pts – 1 pt) to the first 10 riders across the line, regardless of club. Points awarded to BRC riders will count towards the Road Racing League as usual, as well a Visiting Riders League (new for 2018). Points awarded to visiting riders will count towards the Visiting Riders League only. A £100 prize will be awarded to the overall winner of the Visiting Riders League (kindly sponsored by Mr John Maxwell).

Following ongoing safety risks and recent incident on the A26 Woodgreen course it has been decided by the BRC Race Committee that Ballymena Road Club will be suspending the use of Woodgreen for the foreseeable future for club TTs.